Sunday, February 1, 2015

The BCHH Cabriolet jacket

The BCHH Cabriolet jacket in its natural habitat, flaneuring on the Riviera.
Pictured here is the Cabriolet in its Sahariana version, this prototype now five years old. Look at the grace of its lines and structure even though there is no padding/canvassing/lining whatsoever and it has been handwashed and worn innumerable times to farflung locales.
The BCHH Cabriolet jacket, just like the unstructured jersey BCHH Courchevel and Riviera jackets, is available both ready-to-wear (RTW; coming to select fine retailers soon) as well as Su Misura (Bespoke). Su Misura will be handled by us directly, and introductory pricing is 1500 USD CMT. Celadon Connoisseurs will receive a 15% price reduction as thanks for their support
The entire jacket interior is intricately hand-bound - every single seam is indivdually lined with special fabric that will both withstand washing and maintain the jacket's shape for decades to come. All buttonholes are naturally hand-stitched, and in keeping with our ethos of "Ne Plus Ultra", there is absolutely no conceivable way to improve the finishing and craftsmanship of this jacket. The Cabriolet jacket, while shown in Sahariana and Double-Breasted versions, is available in practically any style for Su Misura.
A whole host of fine stock and house-exclusive bespoke fabrics are available with Su Misura, including a very special Dark Purple linen (the shade of purple is subtle enough to be worn as a suit) that will represent the signature colour of our Maison, Royal Purple. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!
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The ideal accompaniment for an elegant dress watch is a bespoke sportcoat with a voluminous lapel roll, fine artisan tweed and a curvaceous barchetta pocket, and of course, bespoke hand-stitched exotic leather straps (a new Celadon option - please contact our Concierge on our website below for details)

Shown below: Celadon Imperials of the First Series in Blanc de Chine (with a beaver tail strap in azure blue) and our house signature Imperial Red (with a cherrywood alligator strap). The sportcoat is bespoke from our brother menswear brand, Maison BCHH (for more details on Maison BCHH please contact our Concierge, as they are currently in the process of launch and are still setting up their own Concierge).

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Imperial's vintage hand-engraved movement

A close-up showing the hand-engraved gold balance and escape cocks of the Engraved Edition (comprising a mere 39 pieces worldwide, never to be made again) of the Imperial First Series, done without a high magnification computer but rather with a vintage microscope from 1962.

These special watches are a symbol of a new chapter in Chinese horological history, which stretches back all the way to 1094 AD when Song dynasty China completed the world's first clock, and have already become irreplaceable collector's items.

The Celadon Imperial

Friday, January 16, 2015

Our iconic WBill Glenplaid Linen

A close-up shot of our iconic Glenplaid Linen which we first designed and commissioned as a bespoke fabric in 2012.

We are now incorporating this suiting/jacketing linen as part of our house-exclusive offering, for Maison BCHH.

This linen will be perfect for our BCHH Riviera and Cabriolet jackets (more details on the latter this weekend).

More patterned linens are soon to follow...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Courchevel Jacket by BCHH

Test-driving the new Courchevel jacket prototype by my new menswear label BCHH, on a cozy winter's evening.

These dapper unstructured casual chic pieces are a hybrid of sportcoat and cardigan, and perfect for apres-ski next to a roaring fire, snifter in hand. They are Made in Italy by one of the top artisans in the business for us, to our higher specifications and precise designs. The one here is in a navy wool/cashmere jersey fabric with a fantastic hand, and the productionCourchevels will be available in piqué (polo shirt) fabric from Italy and Switzerland, and jerseys in wool/cashmere from Italy. They are cut slightly shorter than a traditional sportcoat, but still cover the seat.

We're doing a version for spring/summer too, the Riviera jacket, which will be available in silk jersey and two classic shades of an absolutely stunning double-faced wool/cashmere (shown below).

Production Courchevels and Rivieras will feature a patch barchetta pocket for dégagé pocket square stuffing and puffing, and a lapel buttonhole for boutonnière donning. Double-breasted and sahariana versions of the above will naturally follow very soon....

All of these are available ready to wear, or su misura (bespoke with an individual pattern)

More exciting news in 2015...