Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Bespoke Enamel Dial, re-posted from our friends over at Maison Celadon

Friends, here we have the sample enamel dial created by Master Xiong, this particular example in Cloisonné enamel. At this level of magnification, one can see the gold borders which are 0.04mm gold wire, the finest and most intricate gold wire used for enamelling in the world.

Notice all the radiant colours and how they change appearance at each angle; every colour borne out of precious and semi-precious stones ground and fired as part of the enamelling process.

One can quite easily imagine how this level of intricate detailing would superbly manifest a client’s desired bespoke image to a filigree detail.

As of now the entire Celestial First Series has been spoken for, and we have begun taking orders for the Celestial Second Series. The first order received will have bespoke movement monogramming in gold included with our compliments.

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