Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Courchevel Jacket by BCHH

Test-driving the new Courchevel jacket prototype by my new menswear label BCHH, on a cozy winter's evening.

These dapper unstructured casual chic pieces are a hybrid of sportcoat and cardigan, and perfect for apres-ski next to a roaring fire, snifter in hand. They are Made in Italy by one of the top artisans in the business for us, to our higher specifications and precise designs. The one here is in a navy wool/cashmere jersey fabric with a fantastic hand, and the productionCourchevels will be available in piqué (polo shirt) fabric from Italy and Switzerland, and jerseys in wool/cashmere from Italy. They are cut slightly shorter than a traditional sportcoat, but still cover the seat.

We're doing a version for spring/summer too, the Riviera jacket, which will be available in silk jersey and two classic shades of an absolutely stunning double-faced wool/cashmere (shown below).

Production Courchevels and Rivieras will feature a patch barchetta pocket for dégagé pocket square stuffing and puffing, and a lapel buttonhole for boutonnière donning. Double-breasted and sahariana versions of the above will naturally follow very soon....

All of these are available ready to wear, or su misura (bespoke with an individual pattern)

More exciting news in 2015...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Bespoke Enamel Dial, re-posted from our friends over at Maison Celadon

Friends, here we have the sample enamel dial created by Master Xiong, this particular example in Cloisonné enamel. At this level of magnification, one can see the gold borders which are 0.04mm gold wire, the finest and most intricate gold wire used for enamelling in the world.

Notice all the radiant colours and how they change appearance at each angle; every colour borne out of precious and semi-precious stones ground and fired as part of the enamelling process.

One can quite easily imagine how this level of intricate detailing would superbly manifest a client’s desired bespoke image to a filigree detail.

As of now the entire Celestial First Series has been spoken for, and we have begun taking orders for the Celestial Second Series. The first order received will have bespoke movement monogramming in gold included with our compliments.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Celestial prototype - a bespoke masterpiece with a hand-stitched dial

After four months of painstaking work, from the initial design conception to the arduous hand-stitching of the intricate embroidered dial, it is our pleasure to present the very first Celadon Celestial bespoke prototype, here seen with the world-first Suzhou embroidery dial, heat-blued hands and gold bespoke movement monogramming (photos to come). The silkscreened Celadon Seal is not seen on this prototype, but will be present along with optional silkscreened hour markers, on the production Celestials.

The embroidered masterpiece depicted here is the classical《雪梨雙燕》, or “A Pair of Swallows amidst a Snow Pear Tree”, translated into filigree detail by our Master Embroiderer, the heir to the two millennia old tradition of Suzhou embroidery, the most famous of the Four Great Traditions of Chinese silk embroidery (the others represented by Sichuan, Hunan and Guangdong), immortalised as part of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

We hope our photos are able to convey the tremendous amount of minute hand stitches seen on this 3 centimetre wide dial, as well as how the silk threads change shade according to the angle of view and the lighting, and thus create a three-dimensional image. We invite you to imagine your own ideal image, perhaps of someone or something profoundly close to your heart, translated with such bijoux finesse, into a piece of elegant jewellery that you can take with you wherever you go, a  perfect eternal keepsake that shall never, ever fade.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our upcoming Menswear Brand

It was just a matter of time really, the natural evolution from close to a decade in loving and experiencing sartorialism and bespokery.

From commissioning bespoke clothes, to commissioning bespoke cloths, and now finally commissioning an entire line of bespoke clothing and accessories of the highest quality!

We'll be offering suits, jackets, and pants in our characteristic elegant-casual style with some interesting and distinctive details, with our signature house-exclusive cloths (the cloths you see on this blog, and many more). These will be RTW but we'll offer bespoke fit and style modification at a modest surcharge over this, as all our clothes are made to bespoke standards anyway.

We'll also have shirts and pique polos, along with casual wear like jeans and leather jackets. And as a quaint novelty, MTM socks!

All our clothes and accessories will be fully Made in Italy (in Lombardia) by a group of artisans we have carefully selected over years of searching and trying out different tailors and craftsmen. Everything will be of the absolute highest standard, but our prices will be reasonable because of our exclusively online presence in this initial stage, and because we're doing what we love the most.

More details will soon be released, leading up to the official launch of our brand in January. But we are already operating in soft launch mode for our cherished friends here and offline. If you are interested, be sure to drop us a line at our sister brand's Concierge!

Celadon Concierge

If you'd like to contact us regarding ordering any cloth or the other stuff on sale on this website, feel free to contact us via our sister brand's Celadon Concierge -

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Elegant Celadon Imperial

in Blanc de Chine, Imperial Red and Midnight Blue...

1200 SGD (approx 945 USD)

A new Mystery Bespoke Tailor - opinions requested!

So I'm presuming most of you guys reading this cloth blog will be bespoke aficionados. I'd like to get your opinions on this new tailor I've found. He's willing to do a full canvas, totally handmade (beyond even the usual Savile Row amount) suit for CMT 1000 USD.

Some pics of his workmanship posted here. More to come of the rest of the suit once I get one made. The hand-stitching of the French fronts seem to be well executed, and the pick stitching is quite good. The hand-hewn buttonholes are also well done. All of these can still be improved, and the guy is willing to do so, which is what's important.

Best of all, he's willing and able to incorporate all sorts of neat sartorial flourishes - Florentine-style very open quarters, A&S wide bellied DB lapels, Napolitano arced SB lapels, spalla camicia, 3 roll 2, voluptuous lapel roll, Milanese buttonholes (at a very fair extra charge), Barchetta pocket, Florentine-style dart less front cut with side bodies (would be cool to see this executed!), and a totally unlined interior with every seam bound by hand. He's also willing to use a more expensive linen canvas (as opposed to horsehair) like the tailors in Milan.

Oh yeah, and he does shirts too. Looks pretty good eh?

Some very special Tussah silk, woven on 19th century looms

I've now found a good source of Tussah silk, woven on 90cm (36 inch) widths with antique hand looms. 

This is an elegant heavyweight silk suitable for spring, autumn, winter and windy summers. 

Even though it is heavy, the cloth does not wear warm, but drapes exceedingly well.

600g / 21 oz

Available for immediate delivery

4m minimum, 160 SGD/m (either wire or paypal+fees)

Available colours -

AF Blue
Marine Blue
Light Grey
Jade Green
Racing Green
Burnt Orange

More Bonfanti Shirtings

These Bonfanti shirtings are ready for delivery now.

They are 170/2 voiles, in Supima quality (according to Bonfanti one of the best available on the market).

We also have Solid White in a panama weave, 60% linen 40% cotton. Excellent for warm weather and shoulder seasons.

We will also have similar stripes very soon from Bonfanti's Sahara range (identical fabric to Riva Lino Arsenal)

4m minimum, 85 SGD/m (either wire or paypal+fees)

Most of the cloths are approx 150 gr mt/L (adjusted to compare with 150cm shirting)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

For those who've had enough of the mainstream brands - a BESPOKE WATCH from our friends over at Celadon!

Enamel dials, painted by hand, by the finest enameler in the world.

Each dial is a 3cm portrait, 
some of which are created from gold wire

Hand-painted porcelain dials

Fabric connoisseurs will appreciate the hand-stitched embroidered dials (available for bespoke customisation) below 

For more info -