Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Courchevel Jacket by BCHH

Test-driving the new Courchevel jacket prototype by my new menswear label BCHH, on a cozy winter's evening.

These dapper unstructured casual chic pieces are a hybrid of sportcoat and cardigan, and perfect for apres-ski next to a roaring fire, snifter in hand. They are Made in Italy by one of the top artisans in the business for us, to our higher specifications and precise designs. The one here is in a navy wool/cashmere jersey fabric with a fantastic hand, and the productionCourchevels will be available in piqué (polo shirt) fabric from Italy and Switzerland, and jerseys in wool/cashmere from Italy. They are cut slightly shorter than a traditional sportcoat, but still cover the seat.

We're doing a version for spring/summer too, the Riviera jacket, which will be available in silk jersey and two classic shades of an absolutely stunning double-faced wool/cashmere (shown below).

Production Courchevels and Rivieras will feature a patch barchetta pocket for dégagé pocket square stuffing and puffing, and a lapel buttonhole for boutonnière donning. Double-breasted and sahariana versions of the above will naturally follow very soon....

All of these are available ready to wear, or su misura (bespoke with an individual pattern)

More exciting news in 2015...

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