Sunday, February 1, 2015

The BCHH Cabriolet jacket

The BCHH Cabriolet jacket in its natural habitat, flaneuring on the Riviera.
Pictured here is the Cabriolet in its Sahariana version, this prototype now five years old. Look at the grace of its lines and structure even though there is no padding/canvassing/lining whatsoever and it has been handwashed and worn innumerable times to farflung locales.
The BCHH Cabriolet jacket, just like the unstructured jersey BCHH Courchevel and Riviera jackets, is available both ready-to-wear (RTW; coming to select fine retailers soon) as well as Su Misura (Bespoke). Su Misura will be handled by us directly, and introductory pricing is 1500 USD CMT. Celadon Connoisseurs will receive a 15% price reduction as thanks for their support
The entire jacket interior is intricately hand-bound - every single seam is indivdually lined with special fabric that will both withstand washing and maintain the jacket's shape for decades to come. All buttonholes are naturally hand-stitched, and in keeping with our ethos of "Ne Plus Ultra", there is absolutely no conceivable way to improve the finishing and craftsmanship of this jacket. The Cabriolet jacket, while shown in Sahariana and Double-Breasted versions, is available in practically any style for Su Misura.
A whole host of fine stock and house-exclusive bespoke fabrics are available with Su Misura, including a very special Dark Purple linen (the shade of purple is subtle enough to be worn as a suit) that will represent the signature colour of our Maison, Royal Purple. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!
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