Monday, September 1, 2014

WBill Bespoke Run Sky Blue & Tan Glenplaid linen

Our bespoke run Sky Blue & Tan Glenplaid linen from W. Bill, the finest suiting linen around.

The base of black and white is very lightly-coloured to go with the brightness and cheerfulness of summer and spring!

Here shown made up in a DB uncanvassed washable jacket, and in a linen tie. A truly remarkable outfit, bespoke to the maximum!

In case you're wondering, that gorgeous watch is a Celadon Imperial, by Maison Celadon (

Price is 140 SGD/m (approx 68 GBP/m)

280g (10 oz) weight

3m minimum. You may want to get extra fabric because of the check, for pattern matching purposes.

Cloth has been woven and is available immediately

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